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Funai US - Selection-Implementation Support

Wayne Enterprises is currently working on the RFP for a Tier 1 ERP/WMS solution. We are performing an accelerated requirements gathering for the RFP generation. Initial discovery with the 2.5 Billion dollar T.V. manufacturer discovered old, non integrated software solutions thus providing a unique opportunity to work as though it is a greenfield opportunity and select best of breed solutions for the implementation.

FVO Solutions-Implementation Support

Wayne Enterprises performed an Elliot Systems BluePrint and assisted with ERP solutions upgrade and clean implementation. We also performed WMS/MRP automation with scanners and SOP development, Managed ETP Funding process with CMTC.

Barbaras Development - Implementation Recovery

Wayne Enterprises performed a WMS Recovery effort on Failed NAV2009 and SoloGlobe WMS implementation. The company was ready to start new with a different WMS and I was able to get the implementation back on track, perform the upgrades necessary to have the improved functionality and save the $360.000.00 investment.

Hannibal Industries - Implementation Recovery

Wayne Enterprises performed consolidation roll-out of two disperate solutions running Hannibal’s two business divisions in to single solution, Dynamics Axapta for Manufacturing. Hannibal Tubing and Hannibal Material Handling Warehouse Racking Solutions. Performed Manufacturing Automation with ScanworkX,  Autocad using Config to order with output becoming the Fabrication Drawings as well as Paint Line and Yard Management Automation for Inventory tracking and efficiency flows.

Industries with Expertise

ERP, WMS. MRP for the Following industries: Medical, Steel Manufacturing, Fashion Manufacturing, Retail Services Busness, Multi-National 3PL Manufacturing and Warehousing, Telecommunications, Food Industries... Others

Enterprise Systems Advisors

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